About us

"Qanawaty" in Arabic mean MY Channels and Qanawaty® Smart TV box enables you to connect to YOUR favorable Arabic channels.

Qanawaty HB is a Swedish company founded in 2013 in Malmö by Qanawaty group. We started with Arabic IPTV, in the past 2 years and we have over 5000 users in the global market and more and more users choose us in 2014. 

We receive a wide range of free to air channels from the Middle East and make them available for our users via the Internet. Our users view our TV channels using our set top box and we are working on mobile device podcasting services.

All our equipment and broadcast servers are located in Sweden, and our customers are based in many different parts of the world.

Right now, we are broadcasting more than 600 Arabic channels via the Internet to you. As a Qanawaty user, you will turn you classical TV into real SMART TV with endless list of Arabic Channels which are made to entertain you, all you need is a internet connection, Qanawaty box and a TV.

Our signal is broadcast in near-HD quality and can be received using a bandwidth of 2 Mbps, which are within the capability of most Internet connections available worldwide.

Our adress:
Bariumgatan 29
213 64 Malmö

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